O ur winery is located in Herreros de Jamuz, in the southern part of the province of Leon (Castile and Leon, Spain). The vineyards are spread over the valley of the river Jamuz, which has its source in the hills around El Teleno mountain, just a few miles from Herreros. This position gives us unique climatic and soil characteristics.

We have a mild continental climate, with a broad range in temperatures between day and night, that is characterised by long, cold winters with severe frosts and very hot, dry summers. The protection from El Teleno makes our vineyard one of the brightest and sunniest spots in Spain with little rain.

Many of our vineyards are a hundred years old and can be found on small plots located at 800 metres above sea level on both sides of the river Jamuz. They grow in brown soil with very low fertility. This soil is mostly acidic and lacking in organic material, with a sandy loam texture, lots of stone and siliceous material.


ADDRESS: Calle Jiménez 10, Herrreros de Jamuz, 24767 LEON, Spain.
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VISITS: If you wish to come and visit us, please get in touch with us following the form at the paragraph "contact" or send us an email to info@fuentesdelsilencio.com.

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