The land where we grow our vines has always been wine country, and was even mentioned by the 1 st-century AD Roman autor, Pliny the Elder. History also tells us that traditionally, pilgrims travelling the Camino de Santiago were provided with wine from Castile and Leon, made in monasteries and private homes for their own consumption, as was the case with our family. 

This tradition has given us a winery that dates back to the 18th century and is cut into the mountain itself, like those that dotted the region years ago. This has also led us to seek to recover the traditional know-how and indigenous varieties, combined with the most modern production techniques to provide great care and respect for the grape.  
Our town, Herreros de Jamuz, is known for its abundance of water, and used to be known as "the town of springs" by locals. It is a truly beautiful place, with great ecological value due to it being a protected area for birds, and being known for its utter silence. With its know-how and name, which translates as "Spring of Silence", Fuentes del Silencio reflects the love that our family feels for this land and its history, working to build and be a part of its future.

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