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The true stars of Fuentes del Silencio, are our 23 hectares of vineyards, which mostly contain the indigenous varieties of Mencía, Alicante Bouschet and Prieto Picudo.

We have carried out restoration work to restore the wine-growing heritage of Jamuz by recovering pre-phylloxera and hundred-year-old vineyards. We look after them with the greatest care and affection, since they are a treasure we need to preserve. Working the soil, careful pruning in Winter and removing lateral shoots in summer to improve the aeration within our vines, planted using the traditional trellises typical of the area. This way, we are able to reduce treatments to a minimum, strengthening the health of our plants and respecting the biodiversity and balance of the flora and fauna. We have added a small area of new planting to these hundred-year-old plots, using less vigorous rootstock and wood selected from our old vines.

Our vineyard is divided into small plots, each differing from the other, which is why we are committed to wine-making by plots in order to obtain unique, original wines that will reflect the character of the vineyard and teach us about our vineyard. We limit production to a quantity that will  not exceed 2-3 Kg per plant and 3.000-4.000 Kg per hectare, so as to obtain the best expression from our grapes. 

The grapes are harvested by hand, selecting them from each plot according to the degree of ripeness and collecting them in boxes of up to 15 kilos to better preserve them. An arduous task, since some of our vineyards are very much prone to a creeping growth habit.