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Marta Ramas & Miguel Fisac

Technical direction: our winemakers

Marta Ramas & Miguel Fisac, untiring traveler couple, have developed most of their professional career outside our borders. 
After having finished their studies on Engineering, they graduated in oenology (DNO) by the Bordeaux faculty, where they met and where their concern for ecology and respect for terroir started.
For six years they worked hand with hand with some of the most influential winemakers in France as Denis Dubourdieu and Stéphane Derenoncourt, in several Grand Cru Classé of Saint Émilion, Pessac Léognan and Sauternes.
After this period in France, they decided to complete their experience in prestigious wineries in the Napa Valley, Hawkes Bay in New Zealand and South Africa. 
In 2013, they came back to Spain to apply their vision and knowledge for the development of various projects.



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Alberto Aldonza

Vineyard manager

From a family of biologists dedicated to nature, Alberto has combined his work in the family plant nurseries with the organization of different wine bars that he owned. Thanks to its training and tradition, he has a deep respect for nature and is a staunch defender of organic farming.

José Villar


José is in charge of the winery and the wines, giving them every day the mime and affection that any good wine requires.

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Emiliana Pérez

The invaluable assistant.

With her unfailing good humour and energy, Emiliana looks after the facilities and lends a hand with anything needed to make our wine.


Ana Latorre


Ana takes care of all the administrative tasks - that are not few- so that we don't have to.


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María José Galera and Miguel Ángel Alonso


Miguel Ángel, comes from a French-Leonese family that has had a traditional winery since the early 20th century. He has a deep love for wine, admiration for the work and respect for terroir of many French vine growers, principles he painstakingly applies to his vines. Together with his wife María José, who comes from a scientific background and is very organised, they set out on this Project with the desire to promote indigenous varieties form the Leon region. 

Kiru and Lea

Our friends

Inseparable companions, friends, affectionate; they are members of the family. Lea is characterised by her great selection ability during harvest. She knows how to recognise the tastiest grapes from among those that have been discarded, to give her taste buds a treat.
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