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Land of wine

The land on which we cultivate our vineyards has always been a land of wine. There are quotations from Pliny (the Elder), a Roman author of the 1st century BC. History also tells us that traditionally, travelers who walk through the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago were provided with Castilla y León wine, which was made in monasteries and private houses for their own consumption, as it was the case with our family.

This tradition has left us a winery excavated in the mountain itself like those that once ruled the province, which dates back to the 18th century and has belonged to our family ever since. In our new winery, located in old houses in our village, we wanted to recover the traditional know-how, making our wines from hundred-year-old vineyards of native vines, using the most modern techniques of production but always trying to care and respect the grapes.

Our village, Herreros de Jamuz, is known for its large amount of water and was called by locals "the village of the fountains". It is a place of great beauty, of great ecological value as it is a protected area for birds and known for its enveloping silence. With its name and know-how, Fuentes del Silencio reflects the love that our family feels for this land and its history, working to build and be part of its future.

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